Stu Powell

Stu Powell ‘s fascination for all things weather and climate began at the age of 10. The once hobby gained momentum through the teenage years, leading to the completion of a BSc at Victoria University on 1991, an MSc (hons) at Victoria University in 2000, and a PhD from the University of Canterbury in 2014. While Stu’s climate interests are varied, specific research interests embrace the prediction of near-surface minimum temperature in complex terrain and local scale climate studies of nocturnal boundary layer processes.

Stu founded an earlier company called Microclimate New Zealand in June 2002 and managed the business until 2009. Stu formed Climate Consulting in 2005 and this continues to thrive today. Initially the business provided frost forecasts to the Marlborough and Waipara wine growing regions, but has expanded over the years to encompass a range of climate services, in particular the provision of site-specific frost protection advice to New Zealand and Australian Orchards and Vineyards.

Stu’s fascination with weather & climate began at age 10